3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time     January 21

3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time     January 21

Change of Rosary time
I am changing my Rosary time to 6 PM. That works best
for me. 3 PM always interrupts my work schedule.
I am usually not doing anything at 6 PM. It’s a nice
break time. I picked 3 PM back in lockdown when
I was not really doing anything anyway.

Puzzles are Back!
I finally finished the Last Supper puzzle that I got stuck
on. It has been almost 3 months. It was a bear of a
puzzle. Took over 20 hours. Now I can do some more
fun cat puzzles I have lined up.

New Years Resolutions
Well, it only lasted a few weeks and then it was over.
I might start up again but I am in a lazy slump.

No New Projects
I decided not to start anything new for a while. I have to
finish up old projects. Only finishing things; I am not
starting anything new or different for a while. I am sick of
having a big ‘to do’ list.

Fr. Michael