2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time     Jan 15th

2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time     Jan 15th

We are trying a Scrabble night next Saturday Jan 21st after
Mass. I have kept my Scrabble skills up because I have
to play everyday that I am home with my mom. She
probably plays 5 times a week. Scrabble can be hard
when you are dyslexic and cannot spell, but dictionary
on the phone and blocking skills can make up for lack
of natural spelling talent.
(Refreshments will be provided. Bring your own snacks.)

I have started to say Mass in Newfield and Malaga. I say
either the 8 AM Mass in Newfield or the 4 PM Mass in
Malaga. This will help out Fr. Ariel who has 4 Masses
each Sunday. This will free up part of his Sunday.
Hopefully we will work together more in the future.

Mile high!
I was in Denver for two days this week. It was good to
say the funeral for one of the family friends. It was fun
to be back in Denver where everything reminds me of my
childhood. The mountains, the streets and even the way
the houses are built has a distinct look. I got together with
some grade-school friends and talked about old
times. Old times as when I was not Old!

Still Cleaning!
The rectory is getting closer to being all tidied up. When
I came back from Denver, I put most of my stuff away that
night. This is something new, usually I leave it sit around
for a few weeks. (You might remember when I broke my
toe on the suitcase I left lying around after a trip.)
The dishes have also been cleaned regularly.

Fr. Michael