Epiphany of the Lord Jan 8th

Epiphany of the Lord     Jan 8th


I am still doing the dishes and other hard
things. A week without quitting on something is
good for me. Tune in next week to see if I last
two weeks.


I will be in Denver on Monday and Tuesday.
I am connecting with some friends from
childhood. I tend to have good memories from
childhood. Maybe because I forgot all the bad
ones. 🙂 Hopefully meeting up with a next-door
neighbor that I have not seen in 30 years. Should
be fun.


Many funerals for the new year. I am involved in
5 in the first two weeks of the year. Sometimes I
will not even have one in a month. Remember to
pray for the dead. It’s an act of mercy to help
those who could be in purgatory.

Hot then cold

Many of the bugs have decided it was spring.
A spider decided to stroll into the rectory the
other day thinking it was March. He regrets that
mistake now. (RIP) 🙂 Hopefully it gets cold
again and kills off all the bugs!

Fr. Michael