New Years     Jan. 1, 2023

New Years     Jan. 1, 2023
I am going to Denver next week for a family
friend’s funeral, Annie Small. We would stay at
their house when my parents went on trips. It
was always fun. We used to watch old movies
like “Three Musketeers” (1948) and Cyrano de
Bergerac (1950). I will only be away Jan. 9th
and 10th.
New Year’s Resolutions
This year I am going to focus on doing several
(at least one) things that I do not want to do
everyday. Fear of doing something often causes
us to avoid what we should be doing. Doing
anything that you are afraid of helps you not to live
in fear. Examples of trivial things we fear: scary
movies– watch one, dogs-pet your neighbor’s
“friendly” dog, people – talk to someone you don’t
Plenary indulgence.
Everyone can get a plenary indulgence on Dec. 31
or New Years with the prayers we are going to say
at Mass. The “Te Deum” or the “Come Holy
Spirit”. We will say those at Mass together.
You, of course, have to do the other things.
Confession (within 20 days), Communion, prayers
for pope and detachment from all sin.
2 Christmas parties
I had a good time at my brother’s. He had two
Christmas Parties on Dec 26th. I ate a lot that
day! He has 7 kids, and the friends over the years
became too much for one event. I also was
drawing pictures with my nephew Michael. He
likes drawing pictures and Lego’s.  A man after
my own heart.
Fr. Michael