Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe     November 20

Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe     November 20

I had a little procedure that you get when you get
older! It was on Thursday and everything went
well. I am healthy. I did have to drink a bunch of
icky stuff the day before. I don’t have to think
about it for 10 more years.

Losing weight!
I decided to do some serious fasting this week. I
had to do it anyway because of the instructions, but
I doubled down and did a serious fast. I think I
lost about 4 lbs. We will see if comes back next
week. Thanksgiving!!!

Opt out letter
I have included an insert that shows parents how
they can opt out of the health/sex ed in the public
schools. It’s important for parents to know their

I had some electrolyte diet drinks this week for the
procedure. Sucralose (invented by Splenda) is
really tasty when you never eat sugar. I could see
how that could be a problem for me. I will need to
avoid it in the future.

Fr. Michael