33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time Nov. 13th

33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time      Nov. 13th

Food to be blessed Thanksgiving.
We are blessing food during the Thanksgiving Mass.
If you want bring things from your thanksgiving
dinner to be blessed. No cost for the blessing.

New Stereo
I have my new stereo. It’s nice to be able to hear
things when driving. It has apple play, which means
I can control the sound from my iPhone. This is
much safer and easy than from the phone
directly. With all the priests retiring, I have to stay

Lego RIP
God has told me that I have to say goodbye to my
Lego. I am giving all my Lego to Fr. David in
Hammonton. He has started a Montessori school
and now he will have a Lego room for the kids.
I am going to keep all the Lego sets I have not
built. Lego was a good step down from video
games. In the video games I would collect all the
“loot” in the game. In the games, the “loot” was
virtual and did not take up space. So when I
switched to Lego it was natural to collect “loot”
again. Only problem was it takes up space!!!!

How God points things out to You!
A few weeks ago someone used the leaf blower
without putting oil in the gas. (several mistakes
where made for this to a happen.) This of course is
very bad for the leaf blower. Several People tried to
start the leaf blower but could not. The conclusion
was the engine had frozen up. It would have cost
too much to fix, and we had to buy another
one. When I heard this my heart was sad, showing
I was attached to material things and not trusting in
God’s plan. Well several weeks later I said let me
pray and try to start it again. Who knows, maybe
God will fix it. Well, anyway it started! We don’t
have to buy a new one! Lesson? God has ways of
showing you that you are too attached to things
without taking away. He can arrange things to show
us where our heart is.

Fr. Michael