32 Sunday in Ordinary Time     November 6

32 Sunday in Ordinary Time     November 6

Car Stereo
My car is a 2009 and the stereo was original and was
really outdated. I have not even used it in the last
years because it cannot connect with my phone and
the speakers were bad. I finally up graded to a
stereo that connects with my Phone. This will be
much safer as I don’t have to look at the phone,
everything happens from the stereo panel.
I put in new Speakers on Thursday. That was fun!
Taking things apart and putting them back
together is always fun.

Comfy chair
I had a request from someone who cannot sit on the
pews and was not able to go to Mass. I put one of
the confessional chairs on the side so they could
sit. It worked well. I would like a few more comfy
chairs. They need padding but must be solid so
people can get out of them. Let me know if you
have some chairs that you might want to donate.
I will have to give them a test run to make sure they
work well.

Black paint
I have an old bookshelf that needs some paint.
I went to the store to buy some but it was $30 for a
quart! That is way to much. The bookshelf was
free! Anyone have some black paint I could
borrow? I only need a little bit. Have to start
saving money as times get rougher.

No Christmas gifts
I have too much stuff and I don’t need anymore.
I still have Legos left to build from last Christmas.
I have enough puzzles to last me 8 months. (I know
it’s a sickness and I have to stop!!) In fact, I am
having trouble getting rid of stuff. Plus, I am going
Franciscan in my life. Less stuff, less $$$, less
things! So, for Christmas and everything else, no
more gifts. No $$$$, no gift cards, no clothes,
(I have over 60 T-Shirts), no gadgets, no pictures,
No Nothing!!!!! If it takes up space, you can’t give
it to me. If you think you found something that is an
exception, ask me first. I know people want to show
thanks buy buying gifts but it’s making my life
harder! What I need is prayers and not things!!!!
For Christmas I am putting out pictures of 3 puzzles
that I know I will like. People can put a couple of
dollars in, and I will buy them. Any money left over
will go to the poor box.

Fr. Michael