31st Sunday in Ordinary Time     October 30th

31st Sunday in Ordinary Time     October 30th

Decoration Meeting Nov 2nd

We are having a Decoration Meeting this Wednesday,
Nov. 2nd at 7 PM. We will meet in the rectory to discuss
upcoming decorations, especially Christmas. Please
come if you want to be more involved.

Millions of Monica

A new prayer ministry is starting in Northfield at St.
Giana’s parish. It a group of women who come together
to pray for their Children who have drifted away from the
faith. It will be November 16 th at 6:30 PM. We will have
more information in the next Bulletin. Some of our Parishioners are going. Let me know so I can connect you.

All Saints

Tuesday is the Feast of All Saints and is a Holy Day of
Obligation. (Must Go just like Sunday) We will have
Mass at 7PM on Monday and Tuesday along with Tuesday
Moring at 9:30.

All Souls
We will have 3 Masses on Wednesday for All Souls
Day. Please come and pray for the Dead. I will introduce
the Book for the for the Plenary indulgences. More info
during All Saints Masses.

Fr. Goyette