24th Sunday in Ordinary Time Sept. 11

24th Sunday in Ordinary Time     Sept. 11

Thank you! Chicken BBQ
Thank you to all who helped with the Chicken BBQ.
If you are reading this in the bulletin on Sunday, it
will already be over. A lot of people came together to
make it successful and have helped from many
places. Thank you to all those helped or donated.

I have had salad everyday for 5 days so far. It’s part
of an effort to eat healthy. I am eating it before the
rest of dinner. In order to make sure I keep motivated
I allow myself to watch a few minutes of a movie
while eating salad. (I avoid watching movies by
myself the rest of the time.) We will see how long it

My nephew Liam and his new wife Maggie had their
first baby. Elena was born a week ago. This is my
Brother Joseph’s first kid. I am going to do the
Baptism in Massachusetts next weekend.
Msgr. Burton will say Mass that week.

Vacuuming the Church
We need someone to vacuum the Church on a
bi-weekly basis if possible. We have several ladies
who have been vacuuming. Unfortunately, their
joints have not kept up with their desire to clean.
Let me know if you are interested. We are trying to
get a couple of people so that they can switch of every

Fr. Michael