23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time     September 4th

23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time     September 4th

BBQ Help
We are looking for some volunteers to help with
the Chicken BBQ. Please contact me if you
would like to volunteer. We have a signup
sheet in church if you would like to sign up after
Mass. Please continue to pray for the success of
the Chicken BBQ.

LA Trip
Everything went well on my trip to Los Angeles.
There was lots of scrabble and puzzles during
the trip. I tried to play scrabble with my mom
once a day if I could. I was able to see family,
a few friends, and visit my dad’s grave.

Time for Work!
I have lots of work to keep me busy in the next
few weeks with the BBQ and fall events.
Hopefully I am rested enough to get everything

Please pray for the father of Sister Philomena.
Her dad passed away last week in Virginia.
Sister Philomena was one the sisters that came
last Lent for the mission. She works in Atlantic
City with the poor.
His name is Gordon James Folse.

Fr. Michael