21st Sunday in Ordinary Time     August 21

21st Sunday in Ordinary Time     August 21

We are selling dinner tickets starting this week.
Continue to pray for the success of the BBQ.
Work without prayer will never succeed in the long
run. Only prayer can give the success we need.
You can also talk it up with your friends and family.

Sign UP sheet
We will have a sign up sheet for the BBQ to help out.
It will be at the main entrance to the church. Most
positions have been filled but there are definitely places
to sign up to help.

All Masses will be said by Msgr. Burton, including next
weekend. We will have Adoration on Tuesday, 7:30
till 9pm. Friday Adoration will be to 11am only.
NO ADORATION next Sunday 8/28.

I am wondering if I should bring a few Jigsaw puzzles
to California. I have to see if my sister has any. I am
really into jigsaw puzzles. It’s my new “drug” of
choice. It’s better than movies and video games
because I can listen to audio books while I work on
the puzzles.

Latest Book
I have read two very good books by Sam Quinoes.
“Dream Land” and “The Least of Us.” He tells the
stories of people who are involved in the opiate, meth
and Fentanyl drug scourge. He tells the stories of
people involved from every angle. Drug addicts,
parents, counselors, cops and dealers. It is very
educational but most importantly it helps to understand
people and their motivations. Jesus calls us to not judge
people we don’t understand, but it is also good to try
and understand people.

Fr. Michael