18th Sunday in Ordinary Time      July 31st

18th Sunday in Ordinary Time      July 31st

Dead Fish!

Plague has broken out in the fish pond and all
our large gold fish have died. The koi were
given away a while back so they did not suffer
the same fate. I added a few little gold fish to
the pond and they must have been carrying the
sickness. The pond was leaking and needed to
be redone anyway. This will make it easier to

Not Losing Weight.

Well it turns out that I had to eat out 7 times this
week. Everyday but Tuesday and twice on
Wednesday. So I have not lost any weight since
last week. This week should be easier with less
parties / dinners to go to.

Game Night

Everyone had fun at game night. We are going
to do it again August 6th. The sign up sheets are
on the sides of the Church.

Roof Done!

The roof is finally completely finished. It looks
very new and shiny. The total cost to the
parish was $76,000. In about 20 to 25 years the
screws will have to be replaced. So in 20 years,
when the roof is leaking, remind the priest that
the screws have to be replaced. (I will retire in
25 years so I might not be around.)

Fr. Goyette