17th Sunday in Ordinary Time     July 24

17th Sunday in Ordinary Time     July 24
Samuel Group
Samuel Group is a discernment group for young
adults run by the CFR Sisters. This year they
are going to meet at Our lady of the Lakes on
the 2nd Sunday starting in October. Since many
of you loved the sisters and the work they do,
I have volunteered the parish to do some cooking or
baking. They will need some baked goods for each
month. They also need someone to cook dinner for
about 10 -12 people on September 26th. Let me know
if you are interested.
Bee Gone!
The Bees have found a new home. The window /
cover thing was opened up and the queen bee was
removed with most of the bees. Some of the bees
were out doing their bee thing. However, when they
came home, the hive was gone. The poor things have
been hanging out waiting for the Queen to come
Time to diet!
I have stayed under 200 lbs till this week. (Too many
lunches and dinners with Theo the seminarian) This is
my tripwire. I have to now join the gym for a month
and go on a diet. Time to get the gym shoes out!!!
Anthony my Nephew
I am visiting with My Nephew on Friday the 22nd. We
are hanging out in North Jersey. NY City is too crazy
to drive into. Next week I will have an update on his
plans for next year. He has been working in the
Bronx for the last year helping the poor.
Fr. Goyette