16th Sunday in Ordinary Time July 17th

16th Sunday in Ordinary Time     July 17th

The hall roof is being worked on as I write. There
has been about 8 guys working on it all week. They
have about one more day of work left. It should be
done by Monday. It looks shiny new!

Game Night
If you are interested in having some fun, come out to
Game Night, July 23rd. We are going have teams
challenge each other with drawing, acting, and word
games. It will be fun. You can come by yourself.

5 weeks mark.
I have gone 5 weeks without buying any Lego! I
really do have to many Lego, and I have to focus on
the ones I have and not on getting more. Which is
good because all the Lego prices are going
up. Some sets are going up 25%. Luckily I have
them stockpiled in the basement so I will be able to
survive the great Lego apocalypse. 🙂

Too old!
One of the kids in the parish got a new skateboard.
I used to ride skateboards all the time. I used them
mainly for transport and not for doing tricks. (Think
Longboard wheels with a very short board). I used to
take it to high school in my backpack. Then I would
ride home from the public bus stops. However, I am
too old to ride now. Falling off a skateboard is
always a risk, and I don’t react as fast as I used to.
I like all my bones the way they are!

Fr. Michael