15th Sunday in Ordinary Time     July 10th

15th Sunday in Ordinary Time     July 10th

I went to my brother’s for the 4th. We went to a
family friend’s house. He puts on a 4th party
every year. All kinds of kids were running about
and jumping into the pool. I was not tempted to
jump into the pool. (I must be old). They put on
quite an impressive fireworks display.

Ate too much!
I was 200 lbs. on the scale this morning. I must
lay off the food stuffs. Too many days in a row
eating out. I also have to get some exercise
started. I am not going away for many weeks so
now is a good time get in shape.

Theo and I went to lunch at Pineland’s restaurant
the Twisted Tavern. The owners go to church
here at the lakes. The burger I had was very,
very good. It was eaten very fast. If anyone
wants to buy me a burger and have a good
conversion at the same time, let me know.
(Shameless plug!) Except on Fridays as I go
meatless on Fridays.

Theo on Facebook
This Friday (15th) Theo our seminarian is going to
be on facebook with myself. He will tell his story
(longer version) and take questions. Hopefully
we will have a good conversation about Jesus
and also the fun side of life. Join us! (also on
Youtube). 7:00 Stations of the Cross.
Conversation starts at 7:30 Friday July 15th.

Fr. Michael