14th Sunday in Ordinary Time July 3rd

14th Sunday in Ordinary Time     July 3rd

I am going to visit my brother for the 4th.
His oldest son Liam will be there with his
wife Maggie. They are visiting from
Massachusetts. I am going to bring some Lego
down with me so the little ones will have
something new to play with.

Lego Fast
I think I am going to put buying Lego on hold
for a while. I think I have enough to last me
a while. I really do have too much Lego in
the rectory. Hopefully I can clean out some
this summer.

I did a puzzle for the first time in maybe 30
years. I bought a few for the game night.
It was a picture of wolves in the wild.
It was not exactly a thrill ride, but it was good
relaxing. The problem with things too fun is
that you stay up all night having fun.

Happy 4th
Please remember to pray for the nation this
4th of July. We need the Holy Spirit to change
hearts and be set free from the deceptions of the

Fr. Michael