Ascension of the Lord     May 29

Ascension of the Lord     May 29

JUNE 18 – Candle-light Corpus Christi Procession
The diocese is having a Corpus Christi Procession in
Atlantic City. We need to have 10 people sign up for
the procession. If you are interested let me know. It
will happen at night. We could leave after the 5 pm
Saturday Mass.

Corpus Christi Procession in Collings Lakes
We will also have our own procession here at the
Lakes. It will only be on Sunday as it would be too tight
to do Saturday Night and still make it to Atlantic City.

One of our Seminarians is going to help out at the
church during the summer one day a week. Theodore
Deluhery is going into his 3rd year of seminary. He was
an altar server at St. Peters Parish when I was teaching
High School. He will be at Mass this weekend so
everyone can meet him. He will mainly be visiting
people and meeting people in the parish. He will be
paid from a donation from a family friend.

Heat vs Cold
I made the switch last week from the heater to AC. I
would keep the heat at 65 and now I keep the AC at 74
to 76. That is a full 10 degrees difference in the
house. I go from wearing sweatshirts to wearing shorts
inside. It could be more comfortable inside but I like to
save money on the electric and oil. If the whole world
could live without AC for thousands of years, I can offer
up a few degrees.

Pain in the Neck
I woke up Wednesday morning with a major neck
twist. The pain was large enough to call the
Chiropractor. (Dr Emanuel Sanfilippo has open hours in
the morning.) He took me in early before Mass at
8:30. A few quick adjustments and the pain was less,
but it took a day or so to get back to normal. The funny
thing was it was started by doing too many push ups
with my brother.  He wanted to do a push up
contest. I backed out early but it was enough to make
my muscles sore and tight.  This pulled on the neck too
much and I must have twisted it because of this.

Fr. Michael