4th Sunday of Easter     May 8

4th Sunday of Easter     May 8
Roe vs. Wade
The Supreme Court leak shows that the Court will probably overturn Roe vs Wade. This will allow the states to decide their own rules about abortion. The church has always taught that abortion is killing of an innocent human life and that it should be against the law. Life begins at conception. A fetus is a human with potential, not a potential human. Let us pray that the 5 judges hold strong and are not intimidated to change their votes. Let us also pray that the other judges have a change of heart.
Co-operation with Evil and shopping
The question of cooperation with evil has been with us for a while. We hear it about many areas when it comes to shopping. Companies do many things wrong: Unjust labor conditions, forcing people to work on Sundays, danger to the environment, making deals with Evil dictators, and supporting unjust causes like abortions. When is it too far? Where is the line? Sometimes it is sinful and sometimes it is not.
When is it a sin and when is it not? This is a complicated question and there are many things to consider. Catholic theology over the centuries has developed the idea of different kids of co-operation. There is remote vs immediate co-operation and mater vs formal co-operation. There is a good article to read about this online. EWTN has a good article explaining it on their website. Search “EWTN Moral Cooperaton” and you will find it.
Destiny No More
As many of you know I have played Destiny on and off for many years. I started with Halo back in 2002 made by the same company, Bungie. Bungie just came out in full public support for abortions, so called “reproductive choice”. They even asked their players to give money to promote abortions. I can no longer support a company that embraces the killing of
babies. Destiny is an option just for entertainment purposes and therefore I am deleting my account and never going back.
Thank You
Thank you to everyone who gave me a gift for my birthday. I appreciate your generosity and your love that you showed in giving me gifts. I feel loved and appreciated.
Fr. Michael