3rd Sunday of Easter     May 1

3rd Sunday of Easter     May 1

Lego Party
The Lego party was fun for all. The kids really
enjoyed it. (At least as far as I can tell). We
made two different creations that the kids could
keep. A flying car /spaceship and a garden with
carrots, beans, and pumpkins. The parents had a
good time as there where Lego sets for the Adults
to build.

Get back a hundred fold!
God always says that you receive more than you
give and that God always takes care of you. My
brain of course wants to hoard much Lego for
myself, but I told myself that it is good to give
away Lego to the kids and that God will reward
me. Sure enough he did. I had built an almost
complete set of a Lego Gold Dragon from a bag
of used Lego but I was missing half of the head of
the dragon. The chin was missing. I could order
it online and pay $6 because of shipping, but
Instead, I found it on top of the big pile of
Lego. God had arranged that it was in a bag of
Lego I bought six months ago. He made sure it
was right on top when I poured out the Lego for
the kids. I was thrilled! God has your back!

Organize Lego CCD classroom
I have taken over the CCD classroom in the
rectory to sort my Lego. I am behind and I need
lots of space to do it. Hopefully, little by little,
I will get it done this summer before CCD starts

The trees are done. Hopefully we don’t have to
clean branches off the new roof for a long time.
The roofing company has ordered the material
and will start in maybe a month.

Fr. Michael