4th Sunday in Ordinary Time     Jan 30th

4th Sunday in Ordinary Time     Jan 30th
Crown Falling out
On my drive back from DC my crown came off. I had
to keep it in place for a few days with Fixodent denture
cream. My dentist was away till Tuesday. Luckily,
there was no damage to the crown and there was no
damage or decay on the tooth. So he cemented it back
in place. It was 14 years old and hopefully it will last
another 14 years.
March for life
I had fun at the March for life trip. A car load went
down to my brother’s house and we stayed over night
on Thursday. My brother had a bunch of people
over. There were 16 extra people staying over. (My
brother has about 6,000sq ft) The next day we went
into DC in my brother’s van. The March was a balmy
27 degrees. I was not cold because I had many layers
on. We finished up with dinner back at my brother’s
house and a traffic free drive home around 7:30.
Legos from Heaven!
I brought my nephews a sweet load of Legos. I had
some fancy leaves, panels, and brackets. They made
some cool camouflage Lego boats out of them. They
always look forward to my visits.
Toilets not working!
There is clog in the line and we must dig out a pipe on
the side of the church to fix it. There is a junction box
there, but it only goes one way. We need to put in a
two-way junction box. We will be digging the hole on
Tuesday. Let me know if you want to dig a ditch for
God 🙂.
I look forward to the snow. I finally get to use my
snow blower! It’s not worth taking out for a couple of
inches. The salt is down, the gas can is full, and the
shovels are ready!!
Fr. Michael