Epiphany of the Lord     Jan 2nd

Epiphany of the Lord     Jan 2nd

Parish Council
We are looking for 3 or 4 more Parish Council members. We will begin nominations for new parish council members soon. If you are interested or know someone who you think will be good, nominate them. We are also starting to include a brief summary of each of the Parish Council meetings.

Suggestion Box
The Pope suggested we take suggestions from the parishioners. One of the parishioners suggested that we have a suggestion box for suggestions. So I suggested to a parishioner that they maybe should get a suggestions box. So the parishioner responded to my suggestion for a suggestion box and bought a suggestion box so we could take suggestions in response to the parishioners who suggested we have a suggestion box in response to the Pope’s call for suggestions.
Sorry this is getting a little silly. We now have a
suggestion box in the back of church.

Thank You!
I thank everyone for the Christmas cards and gifts. I appreciate everyone’s thoughts and prayers. I will try and reach out with a thank you but knowing my life I will get distracted and loose some cards. I will say 10 Rosaries for everyone who has giving me a gift or card as an official thank you.

Catholic Strong Update
As of November we have collected $92,800 for Catholic strong. Our 70% of that is about $65,000. We had planned on receiving about $80,000. That was broken down to:
$30,000 (Hall and Church, $17,000 spent already)
$25,000 Youth Direction. (Started right before Covid but put on hold)
$25,000 For repairs. (have not spent, but have kept up with repairs.)
I do not think we will reach $80,000 so we might have to spend less on the Youth and Family Director and repair budget. I think most would agree that we should spend the full allotted amount on the church.

Fr. Michael