33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time     Nov. 14

33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time     Nov. 14

Remember we are having sessions after both
Masses this weekend. Please come over and
participate in the session if you are able. There
will be light refreshments.

Covid ????
I was exposed to Covid last Saturday. So far,
the first test I took was negative, but I am
playing it safe just in case. I have been saying
daily Mass from the cry room. There is not any
air circulation between the cry room and the
church so there is no risk. Hopefully I can find
a priest to say Mass for Sunday. If not, I will
say Mass from the cry room. Other priests are
sick and it might be hard to find a sub.

Sister’s Visit
My sister and brother-in-law visited on
Wednesday into Thursday. We maintained a
social distance and masks with our short time
inside. We mainly talked outside and I slept in
the hall like I was camping.

Msgr. Burton
Msgr. Burton is going to give three Advent
reflections after the Tuesday 7 PM Masses.
They will be the first three weeks of
Advent. Put it on your calendars.
Nov 30th, Dec 7th, and Dec 14th.

Fr. Michael