32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time     Nov 7th

32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time     Nov 7th
We are having two sessions after Mass on the 13th and 14th of this Month. Please come over and participate. There will be refreshments and it will be good to listen to what others have to say.
Welcome Back Mass
On Dec 5th we will have a welcome back Mass followed by a free breakfast for the parish. We are trying to encourage people to come back to church. Many did not come back after the covid exemptions. We need help calling parishioners to invite them to the Mass. We will call people from the rectory on week nights. The breakfast is being sponsored by the parish council.
God can save you money!
When you give to God, he takes care of you. When you give money to the poor Jesus says you get 100 times back in return. One way God does this is he makes sure things don’t go wrong. For example, flooding is always expensive and God saved me from that.
Wednesday, I had to get more paper towels. I went downstairs and noticed a little bit of water on the floor. It was just enough water to be noticed. I looked and saw a pipe had started to leak. I was able to turn off the water and put a bucket to collect the extra drips. We had it fixed the next day.
I sometimes don’t go downstairs for days. The pipe could have leaked a lot more and cost a lot of money. God saved us the money and made sure I found the pipe at just the right time. One hour before and I would not have noticed. Give, and trust God will take care of you!
Fr. Michael