31st Sunday in Ordinary Time     Oct 31st

31st Sunday in Ordinary Time     Oct 31st
All Saints and All Souls
Please check the Mass sections for all the Masses Monday and Tuesday. Please turn in your envelopes if you want your names included in the novena of Masses to be said for All Souls.
Books to help with Prayer
A few basic books you can read if you want to understand more about prayers. “Time for God” by Jacques Philippe is a good introduction to prayer. (I have several copies) If you want some good books to help you pray with scripture then Alban Goodier SJ is a good author to read. He has books with meditations on Christ that make it easier to imagine the Gospel stories. If you are more
interested in advanced prayer, then the book “Into the Silent Land: a Guide to the Christian Practice of Contemplation” by Martin Laird is very Good.
Trip to my Brother
I am making a quick trip to Virginia to see my brother this Friday and Saturday. I have not seen him in a while and want to make a quick trip there.
Home for the Big Fish
I am thinking about giving up the big fish for adoption. Redoing the pond is going to be extra hard on the big fish. It might be better to find homes for them instead of moving them around several times. Let me know if you are interested in giving them a home.
Fr. Michael