5th Sunday of Easter May 2nd

5th Sunday of Easter    May 2nd

New Lighting

We had to install emergency exit lighting in all
the buildings. You will see the white light above
the exits. They will light up the outside of the
building when the power goes out. It cost us
$3,200, but I have a family connection that will
pay for it.


I am trying to workout again. I joined the gym for
a month and have been trying to exercise.
Hopefully I can keep to it and get back in
shape. But I will not be surprised if I just go the
lazy route. On the bright side, the gym is now
open till 10 on weekdays instead of 9. This gives
me another hour to make it to the gym. Having to
get to the gym by 8:15 was not possible most
nights but 9:15 is a lot easier to make.

1st Friday Adoration

We are starting up the full 1st Friday Adoration
again. We will be going from 10 AM to 5 PM this
Friday May 7th. Please sign up for a time if you
can. The sheet is at the entrance of the church.
Spending 30 minutes, or 60, with Jesus is one of
the best things you can do.

Algae explosion

I have an explosion of algae in my fish tank. It’s
the kind that floats and makes the water look
green. It supposedly does not hurt the fish but it
makes it hard to see the fish. In order to solve this
problem I have to cover the tank for 3 or 4 days till
all the algae die off. I will let you know if it

Fr. Michael