3rd Sunday of Easter April 18th

3rd Sunday of Easter     April 18th

Catholic Strong Money put to work.

The new flooring is getting put in as I type.
Yesterday they dug up all the old tile with a fancy
mini tractor thing. Today they are putting down
a coating over the concrete foundation. They will
finish up next week. CCD will be able to meet in
the classrooms this Sunday because the coating will
be dry and able to be walked upon.

Contacting all donors.

We will be calling everyone who donated to
Catholic Strong. We would like to thank everyone
but also check to see if everything is working
out. Some people’s automatic donations where not
happening, and I want to make sure every thing is
working smoothly.

Xbox Coming

I finally was able to snag a new Xbox. It is not
as powerful as the one I want but it will keep me
happy for now. I was spending too much time
checking the internet and just decided to get the
cheaper one to get it over with. It comes on

1st Communion

We are having 1st Communion during the 9am
Mass on Saturday May 1st. It would be too
crowded to have it at Sunday Mass. However,
we should be able to let anyone attend who has
a connection and wants to come. Just let me know
so we can make sure everyone can fit.

Fr. Michael