2nd Sunday of Easter April 11

2nd Sunday of Easter     April 11

I raced go-karts while in North Carolina with my
brother and some nephews. It’s more fun than
I expected. My experience with video games
paid off. The concepts of video game racing
and go-karts are the same. Hugging the corners
and cutting off the passing lanes are the same in
go-karts and video games. I did not win, my
bother did, but it was fun. See my FaceBook
for pictures.

God messing with me
As I was leaving Emerald Isle NC the check
engine went off. My mind starts to worry a little.
I had to focus on the fact that whatever God wants
is the best, and if I have to, I would spend extra
time down in NC. So, I went to Auto zone and
bought a code machine. The code said gas vapor
system. I went through he check list and finally
found the problem. The gas cap was off. I am so
rusty at pumping gas that I forgot to put the lid
back on. Problem solved, it was a false alarm but
God wanted to see if I would trust him.

Family getting married
My nephew Liam, the oldest of my brother Joe’s
kids, is getting married in September. The week
after chicken bbq (God willing). He will graduate
from college in May. He has a job lined up with
my brother, for whom he has been working for the
last 6 years. It is good to see young people who
know their mind and focus on family. They both
come from families of 7 kids.

No Xbox for me
Turns out that I have to wait longer for my new
Xbox. They are still sold out and do not look like
they will be available for a while. I could pray that
I find one but I should probably pray that I get the
grace not to stay up too late playing Xbox. Every
once in a while I go to bed early, but not enough.

Fr. Michael