Happy Easter April 4

Happy Easter     April 4
I pray everyone has a holy and happy
Easter. Hopefully, you are able to safely get
together with family. My mom got the vaccine
about a month ago and is able to get out and
about now. This will allow her to enjoy Easter
dinner with my brother’s family.

Sick calls
I was able to catch up with all my sick call this
week. If you know of anyone who is homebound and is not able to come to church let us know or have them give us a call at the

Lent is Almost Over
I am writing this on Thursday and there are
only 2 more days of Lent left. I will be able to
start shopping for my new Xbox on Monday
since I gave it up for Lent. I am looking
forward have a nice new shinny Xbox if
I can find one online.

New Floor in Hall
The Diocese has giving us the ok to move
forward with the hall floor replacement. It
should be done in about two weeks. We have
finished most of the painting in the hall and we
are going to paint the hallway next week.

Fr. Michael