March 28th – Palm Sunday

March 28th – Palm Sunday


I am now old, well, at least a little older. I am
49, which is basically 50, which, is old by any
standard. Ask yourself when you were a kid did
you think 50 was old? Admit you did. Thank
you all for the birthday prayers.

New Paint

We put a new coat of paint on the walls in the
Hall. Will you like the new colors? It’s a blue
grey on the bottom and a tannish color on the
top. You will have to wait and see. Thanks for
the people who helped with prep and painting.

Holy Week.

We have Holy Week coming. Check the
bulletin for the schedule. This will be limited
because of Covid, especially the procession
where people are right next to each other. We
will have the Blessed Sacrament in the hall on
Holy Thursday night till midnight.


I will be going to North Carolina with my
brother’s family the week after Easter. It’s a
little cold out but the beach will be fun. Sand
castles and other beach stuff.

Fr. Michael