5th Sunday of Lent March 21

5th Sunday of Lent     March 21

Fire Codes

I am learning a lot about fire codes, old
codes, new codes, exceptions to codes,
etc…. Lots of fun! Hopefully, it all gets
sorted out soon and I don’t have to worry
about codes for a while.

Painting happening soon

This week we discussed colors and options
for trim etc …. We also started to tape
things up and also prep. Sanding walls,
taping cracks in the dry wall etc…. It
should look good when its done.

Visiting the sick

I have done my first round of visits. I have
free time to visit others who are not on my
list. Let me know if you think there is
someone who has not been able to get out
to church because of Covid.

Palm Sunday

We have ordered a small bunch of Palms for
this year. We still have a whole bunch from
last year. We are giving everyone a new
palm and then they can have as much as they
want of the palm from last year.

Fr. Michael