4th Sunday of Lent March 14

4th Sunday of Lent     March 14

Confirmation went well and the Bishop enjoyed
his visit. Everyone has good things to say about
his visit. I want to thank everyone who helped
get ready for the Bishop’s visit. Those who
helped clean the building, those who worked
outside and cleaned up the property, those
who worked hard to prepare the kids for
Confirmation, and those who helped prepare
the liturgy.

Visit to the sick
I have started to visit everyone now that I have
maximum immunity from the virus. I have
visited several people at home. I have also
visited Heritage in Hammonton and gave out
the sacraments. If you want me to visit you or
visit someone you know, let me know.

I was able to get in a lot of jumping on the
trampoline this week. I love jumping on the
trampoline but am not able to have one at the
church because of legal reasons. (Trampolines
have lawsuit written all over them.) It’s exercise
I enjoy. Hopefully all the trampoline parks do
not go out of business because of Covid.

Painting the Hall
The first step of using the Catholic Strong
money in the hall is a new coat of paint. Since
I painted for many summers when I was
younger, I will enjoy helping on this job.
We are starting next week if we can agree
on a color by then.

Fr. Michael