3rd Sunday of Lent March 7

3rd Sunday of Lent     March 7

Bishop’s Visit
I would like to thank Bishop Sullivan for visiting our
Parish and Confirming last year’s 8th graders. We have
been cleaning all week to get ready for the bishop’s
visit. It’s an early spring cleaning. Lucky, we have spring
like weather this week which made working outside
nice. All the dust bunnies in the Rectory have been
eliminated. The dust bunny union is very upset and have
lodged a formal complaint against me. Thank you to all
those who helped clean the inside and outside of Our Lady
of Lakes.

Scared Cats
We did a spring cleaning of my room including vacuuming
everywhere. Missy was scared out of her mind and
was hiding the best she could. Norma was brave but
disoriented by the commotion. It took a couple of hours
after the cleaning for them to get back to normal.

I got the second Vaccine “booster” on Tuesday. I did feel
tired out for a few days. This was to be expected as the
body was busy fighting of the “invaders”. As far as I can
understand it, the 2nd dose is to give the body extra practice
fighting the virus.

3 Classes are over; 1 to go.
I have finished all my winter classes. It was a little rough
doing three at once but there was no other option except
delaying another year. I have another class starting this
Tuesday night. I will miss part of the first class because
of Parish Council. My next class is on the Holy Spirit.

Fr. Michael