2nd Sunday of Lent     Feb. 28th

2nd Sunday of Lent     Feb. 28th


The Bishop is coming to Confirm the class of 2020 on
March 7th. We just found out this week and have been
scrambling to get things in order. We have to do a lot of
cleaning in the meantime. Since the church is going to
fill up rather quickly, we are gong to add a 12:00 Noon
Mass. The seats in the church will be reservation only
for the 9:30 Mass. I think we can fit about 20 regular
parishioners. We will have the hall open for any
overflow crowd. If you want to make sure you are seated
in the church, you can go to the 5 on Saturday or the 12
on Sunday.

Snow is gone??

Well I must say I was happy this week that I did not have
to shovel any snow. (Although I could have used the
exercise.) I wonder if we are going to get any more
snow storms. It looks warm the next few days. We have
lots of salt stored up so we are ready for a March storm.


It has been almost 3 weeks since I got my first shot. I get
the second one on Tuesday. 4 weeks seems to be the time
of maximum effectiveness of the vaccine. I will start
setting up Communion visits for Lent starting next week.
I am also going to set up a visit to the Nursing Home in

Lent Diet

So far it has worked out. I have lost a few lbs. and have
been pretty successful in following the guide lines. I
have not done enough exercise though. Finishing up two
finals had something to do with that. With all my classes
over, I will have more time to exercise.

Fr. Michael