First Sunday of Lent      Feb. 21st

First Sunday of Lent     Feb. 21st

Confessions and Stations.

The Diocese wants every church to have Confessions
on Wednesday night at 7:00 PM during Lent. So in
order to keep everything consistent during the week,
I am changing Stations to 7:30 starting Feb 22nd. So
We will have Confession at 7:00 PM followed by
Stations at 7:30 every Monday, Wednesday and Friday
during Lent.

Working Out!

I have been working out for 3 days in a row. That
combined with lots of shoveling in the last two weeks
and I am feeling a little back in shape. I was definitely
out of shape before and it is good to now have some
muscle tone. If I keep this up for all of Lent, I should
be in pretty good shape.

New Book.

I am starting a new book from P. G. Wodehouse this
week. It called “Pigs Have Wings” (1952) and it is set
in Blanding’s Castle like the last couple of books I
have read. It’s about a prized show pig, large wagers
and kidnapping.

Another Final.

I have to do another final this week. I will be glad
when it is over. It is about the difference between the
Catholic Churches in the East and the West. If you
have never seen a Mass from the Eastern church it is a
sight to see. It is very different but at the same time
has all the same parts.

Fr. Michael