6th Sunday of Ordinary Time Feb. 14th

6th Sunday of Ordinary Time     Feb. 14th

Lent Stations

For Lent we will have the church open for Stations of
the Cross on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Nights
at 7:00 PM. We will also broadcast on Facebook.
Coming to church for Stations or following on
Facebook is a good option for Lent. We will be giving
out some Stations books after Mass so you will be able
to follow along. If you want us to mail you a booklet,
us know.

More Snow

I did another 5 or 6 hours of snow moving on Sunday
afternoon. I was listening to my audio books and pod
cast so it went fast. I enjoy the shoveling and the sense
of accomplishment. I have gotten behind on some
work however and will have to catch up next week.

Hungry Kitties

I had to give my cats some medicine. Putting a pill
down their throat is a good idea especially for Missy.
She always has one eye on the door just in case I
decide to shove her in a cage and bring her to the
vet. So, the easiest way is to put it in their food. This
of course makes it taste funny and they do not eat it till
they are really hungry. It takes a day or two before
they decide to eat the food. The best part is the cats are
not smart enough to figure out the game and they don’t
have any hard feelings. Instead of thinking “this guy
shoves pills down my throat” they are thinking “I am
really hungry, I can’t wait till he gives us a treat”

Fat Tuesday (& Monday & Sunday … )

I stocked up on some good food to
enjoy the last week before
Lent. 3 lbs. of Pistachio nuts,
mummmm. (They taste good and
the motion of shelling them is
soothing.) I also picked up some
summer sausage along with hummus
and chips. For Lent there will be a lot less tasty food.

No More One.

The Vatican and the bishops are removing the “one”
from the “live and reigns, ONE God for ever and ever,
amen” from the prayers in Mass. There is no “one” in
the original Latin and so they are taking it out. I will,
of course, forget often and let it slip back in. I give 8
months to retrain my brain.

Fr. Michael