5th Sunday of Ordinary Time     Feb. 7th

5th Sunday of Ordinary Time     Feb. 7th

Busy Class Schedule

Because of various factors, I am currently taking 3
night courses. It keeps things a little busy writing
papers and doing exams. Covid is of course a good
time to get these out of the way. Two of the classes
will be done in two weeks and life will get back
to normal. I only have one night class after
that. Starting this summer, I am starting the last
phase of my spiritual direction program. I will be
spending a week in Michigan this summer and next
summer taking week-long intensive classes.

Reading List

I have finished Full Moon and am now reading
Heaving Weather by P. G. Wodehouse. Wodehouse
is a master of setting up the comic situation. His
characters are also very funny. I always like to listen
to the audio version because the professional readers
make the characters come alive. If you want a free
PDF of it let me know.

Spring Cleaning

Its not spring yet, but it is time to start cleaning the
rectory up. I can start meeting people in the rectory
again (when both people have the vaccine).  This
means I can’t use the excuse that no one will see the
mess. Things have piled up in the last year. Random
stuff in different places.


I have always liked Hummus, but I did not realize it
was cheap and had no sugar in it. (No added sugar)
With Shoprite having 2 lbs. for $5, it’s a deal. I have
been eating a lot of it. I even like straight hummus,
not just as a dip.

Fr. Michael