Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ King of the Universe Nov 22nd

Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ
King of the Universe     Nov 22nd

Clean Garage
I cleaned the garage with help. We got rid of an old
fridge that did not work. That cleared up a lot
space. We also got rid of some of the really old
Christmas decorations. They were so old that Santa
used them when he was a kid. We also moved the
candles over to church. We also are going to bring
what seems like years of light bulbs to Home Depot
to recycle.

Balancing Cat
I caught Norma balancing on the edge of the
aquarium. I was thinking she was going fishing, but
no, she was thirsty. She dipped down and started to
drink. Do you know how tempting it is to have a cat
in front of you precariously balanced over a body of
water? Just a little push and I would have a viral
YouTube video! On the other hand, I would have
a lot of water to clean up. Anyway, the good side won out. I have a top
for the aquarium that I will put on so that she will not
fall in.

It’s time to get the fireplace working. Time to clean
off all that wood. The wood is covered in leaves,
dust, cobwebs and sleeping bugs. The last thing
I want is to bring a bunch of bugs into the house,
especially spiders.

House of Charity
We did not speak about House of Charity since
the first time because COVID-19 hit right after. I
also understand that many people are short of
funds. However, we are so close that I want to give
another push for donations. I do not have the exact
numbers, but we are at 91% or 92% of our Goal. If
we reach our Goal of 100%, we get 10% back. So
whatever donation we receive now will actually go
back to the parish. If you did not have a chance to
give before, or are able to give a little more, it would
be greatly appreciated.

Fr. Michael