33rd Sunday of Ordinary Time      Nov 15th

33rd Sunday of Ordinary Time      Nov 15th

New Chainsaw
I bought myself a DeWalt electric chain saw. I love
DeWalt tools. The yellow and black design gives me
a feeling of happiness. It was only $99 and will allow
me to carry it without a cord. Why not regular chain
saws? I do not like pull motors. I have bad
shoulders and have never been good at getting an
engine to start. With electric you never have to do
that. You just pull the trigger, and it starts.

The number of COVID-19 cases are on the rise. We
are avenging 2800 cases a day. From June 10th to
September 26th the average was below 500. Please be
careful and keep up safety precautions. Get all the
info at njspotlight.com.

(I am not a doctor and I am not giving any medical
advice. Always check with your doctor)
My blood pressure has been a little high. So, I said I
must try and lower it. Losing weigh and exercise are
helpful but I wanted to do more. So, I said I will
lower the salt intake. I tried this for a few weeks.
Life was really boring without salt! Anyway, a friend
recommended a book call “The Salt fix”. The Doctor
who wrote it claims that low salt does not help and
can also be bad for your health. He claims that sugar
is the real problem. It made sense and so I am going
to give up sugar and stick with the salt. It seems to be
working so far and my food tastes good again.
(The book expresses the opinion of the Doctor; other
doctors will disagree with this opinion. Always
consult your Doctor when making medical decisions
as medicine is very complicated)

Leaves still falling
The leaves are mostly done. A few more out
there. Once they are all down I can them focus on
getting rid of them. At this point I am waiting till they
all fall down.

Fr. Michael