22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time August 30th

22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time     August 30th
New Fish
We had new fish arrive. You can see them in the pond. These look more exciting then they did last year. We also have a lot more goldfish swimming around. Someone dropped two goldfish in the pond 18 months ago. They grew and had about 8 baby fish and now they are getting big too.
My ribs and chest are fine. Some people overreacted last week and asked how I was doing as if I was in major pain. After being adjusted, I was fine. This is par for the course for me. Things go in and out all the time. I have what is called a connective tissue problem which results in flexibility. This flexibility leads to my back moving around a lot. It goes out easily, but it also goes back in easily.
2 Minute Homily
Do not get too excited, I am not limiting my Homilies to two minutes. However, I am doing really short Homilies for my sister’s Jr. High religion classes. (California is still Zooming School) They are geared for the kids but adults will like them too as they break down things into simple terms. Head on over to my YouTube Channel to watch them. Search for “Michael Goyette” and you will find them.
House Calls
I have been visiting several people who have not been able to get to the church because of the virus concerns or other sickness. I usually meet them outside on a deck or patio, that way the chance of spreading anything is greatly diminished. If you are interested or know someone who is interested, let me know and I can arrange a visit. The weather is getting nicer outside, so it is a good time to set up a visit.
Fr. Michael