21st Sunday in Ordinary Time August 23rd

21st Sunday in Ordinary Time     August 23rd

New Fish.
We are getting a couple of new Koi this week. I
have to go with Fr. John to bring them back to the
church. We will see if they like their new home.

One of my ribs got out of place this week. My
chest was hurting when I breath deeply. I had to
seek a chiropractor. I called Dr. Aumenta but
unfortunately our schedules conflicted. Luckily
Dr. Sanfilippo was available this morning, so I
feel better now, but there is still some pain from
the swelling. It’s days like these that I realize
I am much closer to 50 than I used to be.

Wild kitty
We have a wild kitten living under the shed next
to the garage. He is getting used to me. He is
letting me get a lot closer than before. He is
really cute. All black with white feet and a white

Traveling Priest
I have several subs to do this weekend. I just
subbed for Fr. Mann in Atco and I have two
Masses down in Northfield. Fr. Anthony just
had shoulder surgery and is recovering. Mass
might start a few minutes late Sunday and
Monday Morning.

Fr. Michael