19th Sunday in Ordinary Time     August 9th

19th Sunday in Ordinary Time     August 9th

Little Friend
We have a kitten living under the shed. She / He is
black with white feet and chest. It looks to be
about 15 weeks old and living on its own.

New Door
Our door is closer to being finished. As of Friday,
the drywall is almost done and it needs to be
painted by your favorite priest. I painted for many
summers during my seminary days. I was thinking
about leaving the door open during the day for
visits, however, there seems to be a increase in
vandalism at churches so I might not. I think I
might just give a key to anyone who wants one to
stop by and pray. (Key is different than the regular
church key)

Atlantic City.
I am hearing Confession in Atlantic City today
(Friday) at the CFR Sisters Light the Fire event.
There is Adoration and Confessions from 7:00 PM
to 9:00 PM at St. Michael’s Church on Mississippi
Ave. You can also watch in on facebook. (Not sure
what page) I always say yes to the sisters because
then they have to pray for me and I need a lot of

Wind storm
We lost power at the church for about 6 hours and
a bunch of branches fell down, but there was no
other damage a far as I could tell.

Fr. Michael