15th Sunday in Ordinary Time July 12th

15th Sunday in Ordinary Time     July 12th
BBQ postponed
The BBQ has been postponed because of the uncertainty with the virus. Questions like who will show up? How to do all the work with 6 feet distances between people? How many volunteers will not be able to help because of being at risk?
We might be able to have something later in the fall. However, the collections are doing well enough that we can survive without the money that the BBQ normally raises.
Online Giving
Online giving is doing well. We raised $7777 in the last 4 months. We paid $123 in fees which is not much considering the service and convenience it provides. We will continue to have online giving as it only costs $10 a month plus fees.
Window stained glass
We will start work making room for the new stain glass door soon. Hopefully, this week coming up. It will look great when it is finally in. It will allow people to visit the church during the day.
I have a new rabbit puppet that will join our Capes and Collars show. He will Join Fuzz as an addition to me and Fr. Sinatra. If you have not watched the show, it is a mix of fun and serious subjects ranging from Purgatory to marshmallows. The show is on most Friday nights at 7:00 PM.
Fine china and Beer Glasses
I am finally cleaning out the basement of the rectory. I found over 175 beer and cocktail glasses. I think I am going to just give the glasses away. There were 3 sets of China. We are going to keep one, one we are making a Christmas basket out of, and the other one is 6-place china set we are going to sell. If you are interested let me know. I will part with the china to a parishioner for cheap.
Fr. Michael