13th Sunday in Ordinary Time June 28

13th Sunday in Ordinary Time     June 28

Should I shave my beard? I am flying to California
for a wedding and have a P100 mask which will filter
out all the virus. But a beard will break the seal. Plus,
I think I look really good with a beard. Is it vain?
Should a priest worry about his looks?

Fish Pond
I have built a ‘do-it-yourself’ filter for the pond.
The one that was there was missing parts and is going
to be harder to fix. So I will see if it works out well.
I have learned all about pvc pipes and how to connect

Slow Leaking
I found a bunch of water in the basement. It turned
out that the shower is leaking. I think it’s the pipe
because it’s a lot of water. I don’t think it’s the wall.
I have to call the plumber to fix it.

I have been exercising a little. I decided I have to do
that to be healthy. Plus, I don’t want to buy bigger
clothes. So I have been doing 2 days so far and am on
day three. Let’s see how long it will last?

Fr. Michael