12th Sunday in Ordinary Time     June 21st

12th Sunday in Ordinary Time     June 21st

Lego Priest
Someone bought me a Lego Mass / Church
kit. It has an Altar and Tabernacle. It’s
really cool. It even has the water and wine

Plenty of Room
Last week we had 21 people at the 5 pm
Mass and 25 people at the 9:30 am
Mass. There is plenty of room for
more. We can hold about 45 to 50 people.

Live Stream
We are still live streaming all of the
Masses. We are also doing the Rosary at
3 pm everyday and Stations of the Cross at
7 pm. You can see us on our Facebook
page. Search for “Our Lady of the Lakes,
Collings Lakes”

Fish Pond Trouble
The pumps on our ponds have gone bad.
I have to replace both of them. They do cost
some money. The last one was $120 but
only lasted 16 months. The Gold fish out in
the front pond survived just the same. They
made of tuff stuff.

Fr. Michael