Solemnity of the Most Holy Body & Blood of Christ     June 14th

Solemnity of the Most Holy Body & Blood of Christ     June 14th

We are opening this weekend. (The obligation to attend has
been dispensed) Lots of work behind the scenes has been
going on to get ready for it. Tape has been set down, signs
put up, 6-foot lines have been marked down. Hopefully, it
goes well. We will have to practice how to go to Communion
before we do it, it is a little complicated.

High Risk!
We encourage anyone who is high risk to stay home. CDC is
saying anyone over 65 or has underlying conditions are high
risk. Anyone who wants to receive Communion can come
when no one else is around. Call me or the rectory to set
up time for private Communion.

Seat Assignments
We are going to assign seats. Where you sit will be based on
several factors. Do you need to leave right after Mass?
(Communion is after Mass) Can you do steps? Have trouble
walking? (Front Row will have communion brought to
them.) How many are in your group?
This will make life a little difficult at the beginning but will
allow us to get the maximum amount of people in the
church. Extra people will be able to watch Mass from the
hall and receive Communion after I give out Communion in
the church.

I had no cavities this time even though it has been 9 months
since I went to the dentist. I got to talk with my Dentist a
while because he is not as busy as normal. I met him while
swing dancing almost 20 years ago. (Before being a priest.)

Trader Joes
I went to Trader Joes for the first time in a long time. I
bought 8 bags of Teriyaki BBQ Chicken! I miss my BBQ

Fr. Michael