Pentecost June 7th

Pentecost     June 7th

Vacation in North Carolina with my brother was
great. He got a house right on the beach. Lots of
swimming and relaxing. My brother’s whole family
was there including all 7 kids. The weather was
nice most of the time. I had a good time building
sandcastles. You can see the sandcastles on the
church’s Facebook page.

Church Opening
I have been busy with getting ready to open Masses
up for the public again. We had to measure out
everything so that everyone would be at least 6 feet
apart. We can get about 45 to 50 people in the
church observing social distancing. We had to tape
off the pews and put down 6-foot line markers on
the floor among other things.

Scaredy Cat
I had to take the cats to the Vet for more shots. This
meant that I had to put Missy back in the travel
crate. I was very sneaky and trapped her in the
bathroom when she was eating. She did not put up
much of a fight. She gave out a long moan and
went quietly. However, she now has PTSD
whenever she is in the bathroom and eating. She is
now eating with her “head on a swivel” as they say.

RIP Fishy
The biggest of the Koi Fish has
passed away. Not sure what has
happened, but we will miss him.
(or her). He was the one that
always looked happy.

Fr. Michael