Ascension May 24th

Ascension     May 24th

16 Years
This Friday, May 29th will be 16 years since I was
ordained a priest. It was just me and Fr. Sinatra
that year getting ordained. We are going to party
together that night on our Facebook page on Capes
and Collars.

I am going away next week to the North Carolina
shore. I leave Sunday after Mass and return for
Confession on the following Saturday. My brother
gets a house for his family each year. Usually they
go in late March when it is too cold for my
tastes. But this year it worked out well. My
favorite thing to do on a beach is make
sandcastles. We will have real shovels and
garden tools to make some serious sandcastles.

While Away.
I will not be around, but I will continue to
broadcast on Facebook. We will still have Mass,
rosary, and stations like normal. Joanne will still
be working so she will get all the mail. I will not
be around to drop off envelopes, but you can
contact Joanne to do that or just wait till next

Cats away?
The cats will stay home with a babysitter who will
check on them twice a day. They will be just fine
and get plenty of love.

Fr. Michael