6th Sunday of Easter May 17th

6th Sunday of Easter     May 17th

Back to Normal, Almost
The cats seem to have gotten back to normal. I think
they are getting along most of the time. However, I
did catch both with their tails all puffed out, which
means they have either been fighting or are really
scared of something. But most of the time they seem
cool with each other.

World Famous Duo!
Well, if you call 60 viewers world famous. Capes
and Collars is going well. Fr. Sinatra and I go live
every Friday at 7pm. Next week we will be on
the diocese special broadcast on Thursday night,
May 21st at 8. Search for Capes and Collars on
Facebook. You know you have found it when you
see our pictures.

Rosary and Stations
I do the rosary everyday at 3 pm. I also do Stations
most nights. Usually Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,
and Friday I do Stations. Check the “events” at our
Lady of the Lakes to see if Stations are that
night. You can always replay old versions of Stations
and the rosary.

Big Toe
I think my big toe is healed up the right way. It does
not give me any problems. Every once in a while, it
gives a tingle of sensation, but no pain.

Fr. Michael