5th Sunday of Easter May 10th

5th Sunday of Easter     May 10th

Do I Know You!
Missy and Norma did not recognize each other after they
came home from the Vet last week. Cats use smell to
recognize each other and they both had lots of new
smells on them. Norma was hissing at Missy and Missy
was running away and hiding. That is why Missy was
hiding in the corner. She was afraid of Norma.

Jackson Galaxy
Jackson is a cat expert on TV. He said that in order to
make them friends again, you have to separate them and
slowly get them used to each other’s smell. They had to
relearn to like each other. They were in different rooms
and I would switch them so they could get used to the
smells. I also would feed them next to each other
separated by a screen. Eventually they got used to
each other. However, they are not best friends
anymore. There is still some hostility.

Need Love!
The cats when they were in separate rooms needed lots
of love. Constant cheek rubs were required. Missy was
not even satisfied with 30 minutes worth of constant
attention. However, now that they are back together,
they don’t need that much attention anymore. They
really do keep each other company.

Clean up
The Rectory has been getting cleaner and more
organized. I am even doing the dishes every day. I am
currently working on setting up the fish tank again. This
time it will be in the bedroom so that the cats can watch
fish all day.

Fr. Michael