4th Sunday of Easter May 3rd

4th Sunday of Easter     May 3rd

Miserable Cats!
Missy and Norma went to the vet on Thursday to get
spayed / fixed. Missy was not cooperating right from
the beginning. I had to chase her around the room.
(Maybe the garden gloves I was wearing tipped her off)
She was circling the room at ceiling level going from
shelf to cat tree. Eventually she ran in the bathroom.
This seemed like a good idea for her, but she would
have lasted longer up high. In the bathroom I could
close her in. She tried running up the corner shelf
then across my pill bottle shelf. With bottles flying
everywhere she jumped into the bathtub with a hard
landing. Then she ran into the shower (ultimate
mistake). From there I trapped her. I tried to wrap her
in the bathmat, but she wiggled out of that. With one
more grab, I got her behind her front legs and then into
the carrier.

They came home in the afternoon. I cleared out a
classroom downstairs of anything that would cause
them to jump. When I let Missy out of the carrier,
she freaked out and ran around the room looking for
somewhere to hide. She ended up hiding between the
wall and a picture that was leaning against it.

The drugs have worn off now and they seem a little
more friendly but are still miserable. The vet gave me
pain killers to give them but getting hold of Missy and
feeding her a pill is not going to happen.

They definitely needed the surgery.
Missy was showing all the signs of
wanting to find a man. She was
meowing all the time and was very
affectionate. The neighborhood male
cats are all sad today because the dating
scene has just gotten smaller.

Clean Room.
Since the cats are down in the basement,
I can now give my room a good cleaning.
It has been a while.

Fr. Michael